How to Print Labels with a Template

After buying your blank label sheets, you’re probably ready to print your designs on them. But, first, you’ll need to use a template so that your printed designs can line up perfectly with your label sheets. Today, let’s go through the steps of printing your labels with a template.

Get Your Label Template

The first step in printing your labels with a template is getting the template that you’d like to use. The template that you choose will vary depending on the type and size of label sheet that you’ve bought. For example, if you’re going to be using a label sheet with 4” by 2” labels, you’ll want to use the Avery 5163 template. On the other hand, if you’re using 2-5/8” by 1-inch labels, the template you’ll need might be an Avery template 5160.

You can acquire templates in two ways: downloaded from online or natively from Microsoft Word. You can download a variety of label templates online that work flawlessly with Word documents so that you can easily add your text and designs. Or, you can use one of Word’s premade templates by going to Mailings, Labels, Options, and then selecting your label sheet’s manufacturer and product number.

Tip: If you’ve downloaded a template that shows up as blank when opened in a Word document, you can make the template lines appear by going to Designs, Borders, and clicking Show Gridlines.

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Add Your Label Text & Design

Now that your template is ready to be customized for printing, you can add all of your text or design elements. Here, you’ll have a few things to consider:

• What logo will you use? If you have multiple variations of your logo, you should determine which version works the best on the smaller scale of a label.
• What font will your text use? Different fonts work better for certain products, such as a handwritten cursive font for handmade cosmetics or soaps.
• Do you want to use color, or will it be black and white? This will depend on your design choices and your printer limitations. Black is typically the best color to use for text because it stands out the most on a white label; not to mention that black ink is often easier to acquire.

Once you’ve input all of the text and design elements into your label template, you can begin printing your labels.

Print Your Label Sheet

Once your design is finalized in your template document, you can then start printing your labels. The type of printer that you use to print your labels depends on the type of label sheet you’re using. There are specific label sheets that are made to be printed on either laser printers or inkjet printers, so be sure to pick out the right sheet for the printer you have at home.

If you’d like to print out one label and not the entire sheet (perhaps you’ve used a few of the labels on the sheet already), then you can also print that way from your Word document. All you’ll have to do for this is go into the Labels section we described earlier, and then select “single label” under the print section, rather than the “full page of the same label” option. Then, you can specify the row and column that you’d like to print your label from.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve followed all of these steps correctly and chosen the right label sheets for your corresponding templates, then all of your designs will look great once printed into physical labels. When you’ve finally got all of your necessary labels printed, you can begin applying them to your products and getting them ready to sell.

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