What Mailing Labels are Similar to Avery® 5160?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at the variables in size, design and sophistication mailing labels provide. What's more, each of those things lets others know about the style and value of your business. That's why it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to move forward with the right mailing labels that accurately reflect and represent everything you want for your business's content and design.

There are some excellent alternatives to the Avery® 5160 template like the Label Outfitters® Blank Laser and Inkjet Printable 2-5/8 x 1-inch Labels or the 2-5/8” by 1-inch labels that still give you the bit of panache in style and design options. These mailing label solutions can even come with a preprinted decorative image on it. Read on to learn about how there are places you can go and choices you can make that provide you with the mailing label solutions you've been looking for all along.

Mailing Labels and Solutions

There is a variety of mailing labels similar to Avery® 5160, but not all of them make the grade in quality and form. When you are looking to find an alternative label template, you need to figure out if the logo you want to use on it will work. There are various company design versions you can create that will fit on the quality mailing label solution you want.

You want to make sure that the font you use, such as a Century Gothic vs. Arial works best for your company image and design once it’s on the mailing labels. Finally, you want to determine if you want a color font or black and white for your mailing label solution. By selecting the highest quality mailing label alternative to Avery® 5160 that meets your needs best, you can begin applying the labels to any letters or packages.

Anatomy of a Mailing Label

A surprising fact to most people is that there's a big difference between shipping mailing labels and address labels. The shipping address label has basic anatomy that can include room for the return address, a destination address, the date the package is shipped, the weight of the letter or package, and a tracking number. Some labels have even more specific features that include core sections dedicated to a specific delivery service.

A regular Avery® 5160 or Avery® 5160 alternative has served as a staple of businesses for close to twenty years. Every address label in one form or another has helped get letters from one business to another or from a business to a customer throughout the years. Address labels have been put on many nonprofit fundraising envelopes and helped raise billions for things like medical research, feed the hungry, climate change, or provide disaster aid.

What makes the mailing label work is the design can be as intriguing as you want. The designed mailing address label works because they connect one entity to another and are consumables. That makes them almost the perfect company or nonprofit tool to use when they need to send out mail.

Personalizing Mailing Labels

One of the more useful tools in Word is that you can create a mail merge when you need to send a mass mailing using address mailing labels. A mail merge lets you quickly merge a sheet of mailing labels with each label containing addresses. Mail merges, if done through Word, can also personalize the mailing labels with a company's logo or marketing brand.

You can also use custom address labels when you want to stick them on packages that you feel need more style or panache to stand out. Personal and business invitations often use personalized addressed mailing labels, so the receiver instantly recognizes the sender and wants to open their mail. Because you're dealing with mailing labels that have adhesive on them, they are simple to peel off and affix to letters and packages.

The best-personalized mailing labels intrigues the receiver and makes them want to open the piece of mail to learn more about the sender. Using your personalized address label to create a buzz about your company is a smart marketing move all the way around.

Printing Mailing Labels

If you have an Excel Spreadsheet with addresses on it, you can use the Avery® or comparative alternative mailing label to print your labels. You can select the names and addresses you want on the mailing labels from a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet. You highlight the column names and rows you want to print.

Your Avery® Wizard also works for alternative mailing labels. Click on the icon button on your toolbar and enter the Avery® 5160 or alternative mailing label product number. Some pre-designed templates will come up, so select the template you want and click next.

Select the field names on the right and click on the add field to your layout design for your mailing labels. You can select the addresses you want to be filled in on the label sheet per column or per row. You can even hit Print Preview to make sure you like the way it looks.

Your mailing list is now in the address label format it needs to be. The document should now open in Word for you to print.

Your Final Mailing Label Step

If you're happy with the design, steps, and format of the mailing labels, your template can be saved to be used now or at a later time. All mailing label designs have something to offer labels if they are applied the right way. But if you've ever seen a mailing design poorly designed or one that comes out over the borders, it grabs your attention.

It doesn't grab your attention because you want to open the letter or package. It grabs your attention because the mailing labels were done in such an unprofessional manner it reflects poorly on the business. Label Outfitters, Inc. can help you get the professional-looking mailing labels that fit your needs and purpose at a very competitive price.

Reach out to Label Outfitters when you're ready to work with a printing and label company with over thirty years of experience who is BBB Accredited. It's not often you get the chance to make a difference to your business brand through an address label but Label Outfitters can show you the mailing techniques that make it possible.

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