Avery is one of the most well-known label brands and has reached its level of popularity for several reasons. Whether you want to print barcodes, label CDs, or quickly address a large number of envelopes for a mass mailing, Avery labels are a fantastic choice — however, what makes them stand out the most is the large selection of templates that can be used with any brand.

As long as the label sheets are made with Avery templates in mind, you can use any brand of labels interchangeably. This is especially handy if you need to print a large number of labels, as you can purchase a larger quantity of a more affordable brand, such as Label Outfitters, for use with the template.

Here's a brief introduction to Avery labels, how their templates work, and how to use them.
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Are Avery Labels 5160 and 5260 the Same?

Avery labels are identified by numbers which can be a bit confusing since multiple product numbers can use the same template. The 5160 template is extremely popular due to its versatility; at 2-5/8" x 1", these labels are the perfect size for mailing addresses, labeling jars, printing bar codes, and more.

Despite the differing product number, Avery 5260 template labels are essentially identical to 5160, with the main difference being the number of labels in the package. 5960 and 95915 are the same as well. You can still find Avery templates labeled both 5160 and 5260, but there's no difference in size or template compatibility.

Additionally, different brands' templates can be functionally identical. As an example, our Avery 5160-compatible labels are also compatible with Uline's S-5042 template, Compulabel's 330805 and 310904 templates, and Office Depot's 612011 templates.


What is the Best Program to Make Labels?

The best program to print Avery labels depends on your computer's operating system and the type of label you want to print. Your budget is also a factor since many programs come at a cost. Fortunately, free programs exist to help you create appealing labels for any purpose. Avery, of course, has its own online Design and Print service, but you can only use it if the labels you use are specifically the Avery brand. One great alternative is Canva, as it also allows you to create labels online, for free, without needing to download or install a program.

Microsoft Word is also a common choice for printing labels, especially if you don't need to go all-out with graphic design (although Word can utilize images quite well). Word can be used for a variety of label designs but is most frequently used for rectangular labels such as the Avery 5160 mailing label size.

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How do I Print Avery Labels in Word?

Microsoft Word is a popular solution for designing and printing Avery labels because of its widespread usage among both home and office workers, and more importantly, because Word has Avery templates built-in. These templates layout the Word document with appropriate text areas to ensure the page will print correctly onto a label sheet, and also provide shortcuts to add the same information to every label if desired.

If you're using Word 2007 or newer, you can find Avery templates within the Mailings menu followed by selecting Labels and then Options. Within the Options screen, the Label Vendors dropdown menu contains all the built-in templates for labels from different manufacturers. From this menu, find and select your Avery product number. If you can't find a product number matching the labels you want to use, find and download the appropriate template from Avery's website.

The next step depends on whether you want all the labels to be identical, or to simply have a sheet of blank labels to fill out individually. If you want a sheet of identical labels, enter the information into the address box and click new Document. If you want blank labels, simply click New Document without entering anything in the address box.

Once you've selected the template, your Word document will be filled with text areas matching the type of label you've chosen to create (along with the information if you chose to use that option). The individual labels on the page should be laid out with gridlines, so if you can't see them, you'll need to select View Gridlines within the Layout menu.

If you're using an older version of Word, the instructions are the same except for the location of the Options menu, which will be found within Tools rather than Mailings.

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How do I Print Avery Labels on a Mac?

Mac OS has a couple of options for printing Avery labels. One is to use the Mac version of Microsoft Word, for which you'd follow the same instructions as specified above for versions older than Word 2007. Another method is to use Apple Pages, which is a word processor built into Mac OS as part of the iWork productivity suite.

Similarly to Microsoft Word, Avery label templates for Apple Pages can be found within the program's menu. Click File and then Print, then choose Mailing Labels from the Style menu. Next, click Layout followed by the Page menu. From here you can select the type of Avery labels you are using.

You can pre-fill Avery labels with addresses using Apple Pages as well, by selecting individuals from your contacts. Command-click (clicking while holding the Apple key) allows you to select multiple contacts without also selecting the ones between them.

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Ready to Get Started?

Now that you know more about Avery labels and how to print them, you're ready to explore how they can be used in your project. Label Outfitters is a great source for high-quality labels at a competitive price, including a wide variety of shapes and sizes for many different applications, compatible with Avery templates as well as Office Depot, Uline, and Compulabel templates. All our labels use first-rate paper and adhesive to ensure you get the best possible product for your needs.