How to Create Custom Raffle Tickets for Your Next Event

Offering raffle prizes is an excellent want to increase the funds raised for your worthy cause. Using raffle tickets for door prizes or other gifts can make any event or celebration even more fun.

Sometimes a generic roll of tickets doesn't meet the needs of your cause or event. You don't have to settle for generic raffle tickets when you could create your own customized tickets to help promote your cause or business!

Keep reading to learn how to create customized raffle tickets to help your church, school, organization, or event generate more money (and fun)!

What is a Raffle Ticket?

Raffle tickets help fundraisers or events draw random names to award prizes to attendees. At a minimum, tickets usually include a unique number that, when called, result in winning a prize.

Raffle tickets come in two parts, usually attached to each other with a perforation:

  • One half of the ticket goes with the "potential" winner
  • One half of the ticket stays with the event organizer

When the even organizer draws from their sets of tickets, the winner with the matching number wins the prize. Because there are two parts to the ticket, creating your raffle tickets works best with a simple design and a template.

Gather the Event Information

Your custom design is an excellent opportunity to make a memorable ticket. Plus, making your custom raffle tickets can help you save money on buying rolls of tickets you might not use.

Start by gathering the information you want on your ticket. Keep it simple, but include enough information to make it stand out for your event. Remember, raffle winners won't keep their tickets. They'll turn them in to retrieve their prize.

For attendees who didn't win, they'll likely toss their tickets at the end of the event. With that in mind, it's not necessary to add too much information that can clutter your raffle ticket design. Include:

  • Your organization's name
  • The name of the event and the date
  • The unique raffle number
  • Any legal disclaimer information required for your event and raffle
  • A place for ticket purchasers to write their name and contact information

Since you (the organizer) keeps one of half of each pair of raffle tickets, having contact information from ticket purchases can help you reach out to event supporters throughout the year. You'll also have their information to invite them back to your next event.

Including the name of your event and the date helps you keep track of current raffle tickets. You'll be able to recognize a ticket from prior events or counterfeit tickets when you customize your design with your event's information.

Select a Raffle Ticket Template

Microsoft Word offers plenty of free raffle tickets templates to create your raffle ticket design. Make sure your design gives you plenty of room for the information and design you want for your tickets. Choose from designs that accommodate:

  • Part # 506xxx-xxx: Eight-Per-Sheet Raffle Tickets
  • Part # 507xxx-xxx: Four-Per-Sheet Raffle Tickets
  • Part # 508xxx-xxx: Three-Per-Sheet Raffle Tickets

When you settle on a template, make sure you have the right paper to fit the template. Microsoft Word doesn't support raffle templates that fit on legal size paper. Be sure you keep that in mind when choosing your template and paper size.

Depending on where you want the perforation, the paper needs to fit the template. Make sure each side of the ticket pair prints with the perforation in the right place. Choose a paper color that compliments your design.

You'll also want a paper stock that's heavier than regular printer paper. Use a cardstock that can withstand tearing each half of the ticket apart, plus endure the activity of your event. If your raffle is at the end of your event, raffle tickets need to be durable enough to last through dancing and other activities.

Place Your Raffle Design in the Template

Don't worry—if you're printing 2,000 raffle tickets for your event, you don't have to design 2,000 individual tickets.

Create a design that is easy to copy and paste to fill one full template page. Follow the instructions that come with your free template

  • Be careful of the edges of the template. If your design or text gets too close to the borders, the template will cut off the edges of your design.
  • If you don't see anything on your template when you first open it, adjust the "gridlines" settings in your version of Microsoft Words to see your borderlines.

After you've arranged your design to fit within one ticket template, copy and paste it to fill the remaining empty ticket spaces on the page.

Be sure to follow the instructions to make sure your ticket numbers change as each ticket prints. Remember, the unique number on each ticket identifies the winners at your event. You'll waste your raffle printable paper if the same number prints on every ticket.

Adjust Printer Settings

Most printers default to an "economy" or "normal" ink-saving setting. For general, everyday printing, most documents don't need high-quality printing settings that waste ink on routine documents.

When printing on raffle printable paper, adjust your printer's settings to "high" or "best" quality printing. Your custom raffle ticket design will look nicer with higher print quality. Plus, if your tickets include small print, your attendees will find it easier to read numbers to claim their prizes when you boost the print quality on your tickets.

Impress Your Guests With Custom Raffle Tickets!

Brand your event and impress your attendees when you use a template to create custom raffle tickets. When you follow a free template and use quality raffle printer paper, it's easy to design and print unique tickets for your event.

Let Lable Outfitters, Inc help you with your next raffle event! Order raffle printable paper to fit your design and create memorable raffle tickets for your organization and attendees.

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