The Beginners’ Guide to Labelling Bottles and Jars

The Beginners’ Guide to Labelling Bottles and Jars

When you prepare food, organization is essential. You need to know exactly where you can find any ingredient you may need. Otherwise, following a recipe can be difficult, telling apart similar-looking ingredients is next to impossible, and chaos would reign in the pantry and the kitchen. We may sound rather dramatic, but consider that mislabeling food can be dangerous for people with allergies, diabetes, and other conditions.

With that said, the task of organization can seem daunting, especially on the outset. Anyone with experience would tell you that it gets easier when you start. Still, that leaves the question of where to start. Why not begin with making labels for your bottles and jars? The former is essential for distinguishing the drinks you create. The latter is essential for separating the ingredients you will use while creating drinks and food. 

Here is some information on making and using bottle and jar labels.

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